The mysteries of the past. After decades of contemplation, I’m tired. Tired of hearing about it from all the scholars; tired of reading and studying about it; tired of listening to the television spit out scientific theories, which may or may not be true. But it doesn’t matter. It is a total waste of my time to obsess over something that will be revealed eventually, with or without sleepless nights of endless study. I’m tired of the infinite possibilities, and varied opinions battling with each other (or killing) as to who is right or wrong. It doesn’t matter. All the religions, with their somewhat childish stories of “happenings” are constantly scrutinized for a parcel of truth. I don’t care anymore. They are “stories?” that don’t make a bit of difference in the grand scheme. We are wasting our time with such unfruitful obsessions. Just live now. Look at the trees. Experience nature while we can. I believe the biggest fault of intelligent humanity, is the tendency to obsess over everything. The mind can get tired, over-stressed with needless things, and life goes by in a suffering body until our final breath on this planet. Here is my crazy opinion: M-42 is my home. I will enjoy this place here for the time being, I will ride the wind on my Harley, and I will close my eyes at times to experience a deep peace, thinking of home and the eventual return to it. But most of all: I will have fun. That’s just my opinion, because I’m tired, so very tired of thinking. I will meditate on the Heart of Home.


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