One of their own

Here’s a contemplation. Whatever religion we choose, does not matter. The god (s) and goddesses did not, and do not, worship others, for they were (are) themselves. We are descended from them (made in their image), so my (unpopular) opinion is this: We, as individuals, should be the recipients of our own worship, working with the tools of the universe with a wise mind to fashion a life worthy of our higher Self while we are here. I look back at our beginnings, and I simply see our parents, there to assist our growth to becoming, and realizing our own divinity. I do not believe they would require our worship; only our respect, as children should respect their ancestors. Therefore, you could say I have no religion, only a seeking life. And the language I use to connect to them and the wisdom-well of time is written in runes. I need not define myself by a religion, and I am sure this is how They want me to Be–one of their own … on a journey home.


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