Music of the heart …

They had all gathered in the living room to sip drinks, discuss the news and such. Amy and Jake sat on one end of the couch, Taryn and Jim on the other. Katie and Manny took the loveseat. Banter and laughter went back and forth. Then Jim revealed that he had one more gift for Taryn, so he loped over to the baby-grand piano across the room and parked his butt on the bench.

Sitting in lamplight, he cracked his knuckles and stretched his fingers. He fetched a deep breath, sent a sidelong grin across the room to Taryn.

From the couch, she returned a grin of her own.

And the song began.

Feeling as though she and Jim were the only two people in the room, Taryn listened. Listened to the magic of tinkling ivory, and heard his heart play across the keys for her, reverberate in his masculine voice. And the longer she sat there, the more she realized that she could not live without Jim. That was the moment she knew, without a doubt, that the only man she would ever love sat right there. Her husband was singing for her. They would grow old together. They would have a family.

Emotion trembled in her throat, began to slip from her eyes to trickle down her cheeks … and the music of her new charmed life played on….


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