Writing Endurance …

Wherever we happen to be in our writing lives at any particular time, we should never view our work as “bad”, no matter what others may think. All we can do is the best we can do at the level of talent we happen to possess at the moment. We continue. We persist. We learn with a sponge-like mind, free of self-deprecation, and trust that each work will be better than the last. If we’re lucky enough, we have our “Masterpiece” in mind for the future; keep it there for now, lest it be ruined by lack of experience. I myself have my literary masterpiece in a journal, waiting for my talents to catch up. However, I know that the road is paved with a formula that all great writers have endured. We must be tough-skinned, especially in this now saturated market. Like actors in the beginning, we must take the abuse, and accept the part of “neophyte” until everything finally comes together for that “Eureka!” moment…. All right, thank you for listening to my pondering, and I will finish by saying: take the knocks, brush them off … and write on.


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