Magic hands and money, baby

My apologies for my lack of posting lately. See, it seems I have unknowingly become a Harley repair apprentice, due to the old timers telling me that I could make a good income with my talents. I have always had a bit of an obsession in the pursuit of mechanical perfection; it is very rewarding to patiently use those magic hands to bring about the smooth hum of an appreciative engine (Harley or woman 🙂 ).  All that said, I decided to pursue this apprenticeship (writing doesn’t put the Mac & Cheese on the table), with plans to open my own Harley shop someday. I write in my free time (3 hours a day), and wrench the rest of the day away. I will post here as time allows, with a little Harley candy thrown in for my sake. Thanks for understanding. Now a little dedication to my path: 


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