Our Station

There is a reason they feel
They don’t belong
On Earth that spins
An endless, blue song 

They call this “home”
Yet wander lost
Struggling to fit
At every cost 

If this be their home
Why are they not comfortable?
Why are some outcasts?
Why do they feel alone? 

Because, deep down
They feel the yearn
For Earth is simply
A place to learn 

They took the train
To this station
Not expecting the pain
Hoping for elation
The mission is now
A battle with degradation 

Their learning is tough
Peers can be cruel
They deal with the years
Within this school 

If only they knew: 

Home is their reward
Upon graduation
Departing as the wise
To join the celebration
And report lessons learned
From their time at this station


~ E. S. Lehman


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