Off The Wheel (a revelation in truth and pleasure)

I recently meditated to the point of revelation by asking a simple question: what’s the point? See, it all started when I read yet another novel, and, as always, had to endure the typical roller coaster of plot, which inevitably contained tension (isn’t that the recipe required?),  death, sadness, and so on. Then, after thinking about societal influence, and what the prerequisites are to this term called “success” in the modern literary field, I came to realize that I will never be a successful novelist for the simple reason that I do not enjoy the ingredients required: tension, sadness, and the negative emotions that are involved in “good” storytelling. After a lifetime of reading (thousands of novels) and writing, my eyes opened. Look at our world filled with entertainment that pushes us to think about, and sometimes dwell upon, the negative aspects, whether we read it in books, see it on a TV screen, or be bombarded by the commercials which lead us to believe that we are all broken and riddled with disease: this is all a recipe for melancholy and hypochondria … which the world seems to be addicted to while scratching their proverbial heads, wondering why depression is spreading like a disease (but they have a pill for that! $$$ Eureka! $$$  So get back on the ride until you vomit, because that’s life, you see $$$ Side effects are….) Well, I’m jumping off that wheel, baby, and getting on a couple of different ones. Why would I want to spend hours upon hours before a keyboard, neck-deep in the sorrows of life, just for a chance to tell a story and possibly make a bit of money? No. I will no longer make that sacrifice, for there is peace in this world that I intend to explore. Pleasure. Yepper. The nonfiction type. That’s my game. See, there are always choices in life. I could sit down and rack the brain before a keyboard, I could gel on the TV and try to avoid the fear mongers and pandering … or I could fire up the Softail … head on through the forest … down the coast … stop at a diner for an oh-so-unhealthy (ah shuddup) cheeseburger, fries and a killer shake. Then kick back on the bike to let a shimmering raspberry sunset on the waves to infinity soak into my smiling eyes. Hmm, yep. And then there is the choice of a couple hours writing, or a couple hours of sensual pleasure with a deeeelicious, curvy partner. “Mmmmm, yes, pu-please,” she says with that perpetually satiated glint in her love-clouded eyes. Pleasure. That’s  where life is at. Whether I be rolling my rumbling bike through a sunwashed day, or rambling through a rainstorm catching droplets on my smile, or lounged back with fragrant loveliness by my side … I shall enjoy this time here. However, writing is in my blood, so eventually I will finish Forever Meaghan, and I will crack a journal to document days on this journey, maybe jot down some poetry now and again, so you might see some of that splashed on this page occasionally. Till then, take it easy … and enjoy. I hear the campfire cracklin’ my name ….



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