Holiday Hypocrisy

It is interesting to me that an original “Santa” was believed to be Odin (Wodan). That said, Christians are filling their children with the belief that if you are good, Odin (A Heathen God) will bring you gifts. Hmm. Interesting. If you’d like to read more of the shocking truths of that particular holiday, read the following, and click the link(s) below it.

   Santa Claus.  Some would have us to believe that America’s jolly Santa Claus was once Saint Nicholas, a kindly old saint who generously gave gifts to the needy.  The facts of history however, prove otherwise.  Actually there is no valid evidence that any “St. Nick” ever existed (in spite of Roman Catholic tradition).  But the customs and traditions from which Santa Claus evolved, trace him back to Odin or Saturn – the sun-god himself!  Santa has been called by many names in different countries down through the centuries, but the customs that surround him have remained steadfastly the same.  He has always been “an old, old, very old gray-bearded gentleman, and this is as it should be for his age is immense.  Once he was Odin … But when Christianity drove away the old gods, he remained, and appeared again as St. Nicholas.”


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