Two Wheels and Magic. A Woman’s Inspirational Transformation.

LANA | Transformation
I grew up on a one-acre plot in southwest Portland, Oregon. I was a tomboy. I grew up with all boys. I remember punching boys in the face and stealing their candy around the age of 7. I spent my time in the forest playing around, and I was usually covered with cuts and bruises from head to toe. I played a lot of sports, soccer and snowboarding mostly. I was super-competitive from a very young age. I always needed to be number one.

After I got sober, life was really boring for about a year. One summer day, I had to drive a car to the river while everyone else rode their motorcycles alongside me. It made me feel really envious. I was determined to learn how to ride.

I wanted to shine a light on these incredible women riders I was meeting and share their stories with the world. That was my mission. I have always taken photos. At first it was just simply asking women if I could photograph them riding. It started off well, and something clicked. I knew that this could be something big.

This trip (a Harley road trip with girlfriends) represents a transformative period in my life, where I am pushing past my own fears and breaking through new boundaries. I think my number-one goal on this earth is to live as free as I possibly can. Not just physically but spiritually. Not let society’s expectations of what or who I should be affect me. Stay true to who I am and live for the magic.

I think the trip overall has made us all really want to be more minimal … In the way we spend and how we live. We want to be on the road more and experience more adventure and go more places. If you’re on a good, strong bike, like our Harleys, you can go anywhere.

— Lanakila MacNaughton



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