With Hunting (October) on the way, I thought I’d post this.

hornHunting (October)

Hunting 8 — Day of Remembrance for Erik the Red: Praise the stalwart founder of Greenland, and father of Leif, the founder of Vinland. Erik remained loyal to Thor even when his wife left the Gods and refused to sleep with her Heathen husband. Pause in memory of Erik today; drink a toast to his honor. No doubt he gets enough warmth now to make up for his wifes coldness.

Hunting 9 — Day of Remembrance for Leif Erikson: This is a day that even the U.S. Government admits who should dedicate to the man who beat Columbus to the shores of Vinland by over 500 years. Don’t let it slide quietly – write your local newspapers and share the word of the Norse colonies with neighbors and friends.

Hunting 14 — Winter Nights/Vetrablot: In the Old Icelandic Calendar, winter begins on the Saturday between Hunting 11th and 17th. Winter Nights celebrates the bounty of the harvest and honors Freyja and the fertility and protective spirits called Disir, that She leads (often the Disir are seen as our female ancestors). Give glory to Freya and pour a libation of ale, milk, or mead into the soil an offering to the Disir and the Earth itself.


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