Self Found

My light it dwells,
Love’s inside.
My outer shell,
The knights don’t hide.

A gentle soul,
Others may not see.
My gaze is strong,
Silence golden to me.

At first glance,
I may seem cold;

But listen now,
If I may be so bold:

They have said, “Be bright, chatter, smile with glee!”
But why be someone,
Who isn’t me?

Does moonlight not shine?

In a silent night,
From She to thee,
A soft blue light,
Is what I see.

A statement I make now,
Will be my Truth,
Inside my silence,
My vermouth:

I found My Self
Inside of me.
I found My Self,
I shall be free.

I still carry my warriors shield:
A steel gaze,
Across the field.
Unto darkness,

My Self

~ Erik S. Lehman


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