Goddess … a magical sky


I have been in the dark
The sliver of light to be
Pulling the oceans below
Turning so soft to see

A life of waxing is long
Though the waning is gone
My heart will be full
My path continues on

A boy was I in the dark
A man to be
In the next degree
Till is grown a matriarch

The girl I met was she
Now I know why she cried
Waiting for me to be
Truth that never lied

A Β woman she has become
Light is waxing smooth
Knew I found the one
My full goddess which I swoon

In this fullness of our moon
Turning together to reveal

I am her, and she is I
A god with his goddess

A magical sky


— Erik S. Lehman


21 responses to “Goddess … a magical sky

          • Thank you so much for liking and reading my work. And following. I was on your site and, using my iPhone and pad, for the life if me can not find where to post a comment. Yes, I am a tech challenged. Anyhoo, I would love to follow you. I have found many if your pieces quite fascinating.


          • It is my pleasure, I love your style. Oh, and about the “comments”, I have those turned off on most of my posts, which I was forced to do because I was receiving so many religious bloggers lashing out at me, stating that I’m going to burn. It was just easier to turn off the comments than to return the verbal abuse. I am a peaceful man. Anyhoo, thank you for your interest and understanding. Peace and Love.



          • Wow – I can understand wanting to turn them off. Isn’t it interesting how people love wasting their time reading something they figure will not be favorable to them? By the way, I just saw your Harley post. I live in the NW area of Ill, a few miles from the border of WI and, of course, this means not far from Milwaukee. Let me just say, my neck of the woods is swarming with Harley’s. On the weekends, cars our in a minority. It’s pretty and kinda loud. My son and I get a kick out of seeing diverse ‘groups of groups’. And thank you for the compliment.


          • Ah, so you live in heaven then? πŸ™‚ Yep, that’s the life I lead as well, though I live in the coastal forests of Oregon. Yes, it can be loud, but it’s the sound of freedom, and bikers are not what Hollywood has portrayed (of course there are some bad seeds, but those are not the majority). Have fun over there on the other side of the States πŸ™‚ And you are very welcome.


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