One day I met this girl (repost)

Let me tell you something, it was a special day, that day way back when. See, I was sittin’ on a porch bench, watchin’ leaves fall over the lawn, when I noticed a girl coming through the gate and striding up the sidewalk. I wasn’t really sure about the “girl” thing at first, due to her appearance: blue-jean bib-overalls, sandals, hair shorter on one side than the other, face a little messed up. However, the girly shape gave it away eventually.

Anyway, she just walked up, stepped up onto the porch like she belonged, gave me a kind “Hi,” and took a seat beside me on the bench. She kindly introduced herself, and I did the same. I offered a drink. She said no thanks. Then we proceeded to have a talk. She apologized for her appearance: all the grease on her bibs–she’d been working on her car–and her chopped hair: said her little sister was a beauty school student who needed a practice dummy. The conversation went on about her family and such, and how she’d obtained that large, crescent-shaped scar on her face–a car accident. Again, I asked her if she’d like a drink. Again, she said no thanks. So we talked, while birds winged over the sun-washed lawn, while the ice-cream man played his jingle in the street every now and then, while kids went bell-dinging by on their bikes, and the sun began to stretch long shadows across the yard, we talked.

Then I happened to notice something: her chopped-up hair, her scarred face, her sandals and greasy bib overalls, her crooked smile under a set of tropical green eyes … Yep, she was the most beautiful girl I had ever met. ย Then she gave me that quirky little grin, tucked some of that hair behind her ear, pecked a kiss on my cheek, and POOF! she disappeared into the thin air–just like that. So what did I do? Well, I’ll tell ya. I opened the squeaky screen door, let it bang shut behind me, went to my desk … and started writing this girl’s story. Yep, that’s how I met Trisha. That’s how I meet all my characters–just a little talk on the porch. Is that crazy? Nope, that’s a writer’s mind. Now Trish is a special friend. I’ll never forget the day I met this girl.

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–I met this girl


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