A stint in California

I’m of the opinion that being a writer/artist is not about money or glamour. It’s about learning about life in a whole host of settings. That to me is the definition of a full life. Am I a dilettante, a dreamer? ABSOLUTELY. I’ve done many things in this life. Starting out in Germany, I traveled and became versed in a long list of experiences, both here and abroad, all the while being a writer and artist.

My lifetime has been one of travel, writing and riding, and helping others. I am a biker, but i’m not a cliche. My life-values are simple: laughter, love, romance and magic are the only ingredients I care to represent. Do I have fun? Yes. THOROUGHLY. I live a passionate, romantic life, because that’s the purpose of existence. Do I worry about money? What’s the point of that? You can’t take it with you. Some people might say, “But what about retirement?” Retirement? “Heh,” I chuckle at society and their stiff views. There is no such thing as retirement in my book. When I’m done here, I’ll just lie down–if I don’t get hit by a truck or something first–smile at the sky, and die happy and fulfilled, at whatever age that might be.

So that’s me in a few paragraphs, take it for what you will, for better or worse. I will point the Softail in a new direction. And discover a new chapter.  Maybe I’ll see ya on the pages of life.


Sincerely, Erik S. Lehman

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    • Thanks. It’s what I hold onto while spinning around on this blue globe, in order to retain a bit of sanity in this hectic world of rules created by … huh, who created those rules, anyway? Anyhoo, thanks for like, and the follow. I’ve checked out your blog also: I love it. I’m off to hit the follow button.


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