Yonder (repost)

Ponder up yonder …
It’s a wonder to wander …
Life is a journey with a sack on your back,
Filled with good things and memories we stack.

Forget the bad; what good does it do?
Just weighs you down, takes up more room.

With pleasant memories, your bindle will fill.
A magnificent journey can be your will.
Finding more gems along the way.
Tossing the others like lumps of clay.

Let go of the bad, don’t bury it under …
Ponder up yonder, fill your wander with wonder….


~ Yonder ~
E Lehman


Soul of a boy … Eyes of a man

I remember who I was as a child. Now I ask myself, Where did he go? Contemplation in silence has occupied the last three meditative days. I sat in the lush forest … amid whispers of wind, and wondered when I went astray. The child was wise with nature. He didn’t ask for answers, only found them while wandering landscapes. This child was not a child, only a young being marveling over the breath of nature, using his innate ability to see art not only in the typical forested settings, but also on everyday streets … where emotions of life can be witnessed on the faces of others; or how light writes a moment of time on a cityscape. See, in my mind then, I was a photographer, while friends were firemen and such boyhood dreams. I had my camera, given to me by an elder man who had answered my question of “What do I do with this?” with an all-knowing, little grin, from which came his reply of “You’ll see, boy. You will see.” Time has revealed the boy in me once again. Therefore, upon realizing that my life of dilettantism is coming into focus, I am content to settle on one, and answer the dreams of the boy no longer dormant inside: I was once a photographer in mind. Now is the time to be one in soul. My life has shifted that I may finesse the fleeting moments of light. My black-and-white purpose beckons to be fulfilled. Everything but study is put aside. Silence has become my friend once again. I will write with my lens, telling a story without my pen. The boy wanted to be an outstanding photographer. I am that boy … now reminded of a quote to live by: “Beautiful things don’t ask for attention.” And now I understand the words of the elder man. Yes, sir. I see. And one day they will see … black-and-white art from the soul of a boy, through the eyes of a man. One day.
images (2)e

Sanctified by the flick of a switch

Religion? Nope, don’t need it. For all it takes is a flick of the switch and my engine, my heart, ru-ru-rumbles to new life. By the rush of wind, I am baptized; by the driving rain, I am cleansed. I smile. At the hands of nature, I am born again. Ohhhh, and I ride. Each and every day. It’s not complicated. Religion: It’s all the same; only the names have changed.

I’d rather fly :)

Growing up is harder than learning to fly;
One needs truth,
but the other only requires fairy dust.

–Summer Wishes, Winter Dreams


If the choice is mine, I’d rather fly,
and I’ve a satchel full of dust 🙂
An tíre Aonach; mo theaghlach

Art is You … and beauty weeps with joy

Art is used to express feelings, to put your, the artist’s, world into some kind of order. Peace is sought by imagination. Your craft is the ethereal blood of Self communicating with self in a recognizable language to infuse a message unto the physical plane. Heed the voice … and Self will smile on your life as you journey shoulder-to-shoulder down the lush path of living art, weaving your colorful existence together in an intricate design of beauty that enriches the world with the very essence of You. The heart sighs; the smile is serene … and beauty weeps with joy.

Pics of the fountain for the upcoming Mabon or Harvest, or whatever you happen to call it.

Life, love, fertility, peace and plenty represented in my Vanir fountain (dedicated to Freyja and her brother Freyr of Alfheim), facing west. Those of you who know the meanings will recognize the symbolism; Iðunn’s apples for instance. Above the pic is the inguz windchime. Of course with Mabon or Harvest approaching there will be more colorful additions in the well. (click pics for larger view)