Goddess … a magical sky


I have been in the dark
The sliver of light to be
Pulling the oceans below
Turning so soft to see

A life of waxing is long
Though the waning is gone
My heart will be full
My path continues on

A boy was I in the dark
A man to be
In the next degree
Till is grown a matriarch

The girl I met was she
Now I know why she cried
Waiting for me to be
Truth that never lied

A  woman she has become
Light is waxing smooth
Knew I found the one
My full goddess which I swoon

In this fullness of our moon
Turning together to reveal

I am her, and she is I
A god with his goddess

A magical sky


— Erik S. Lehman


Music of the heart …

They had all gathered in the living room to sip drinks, discuss the news and such. Amy and Jake sat on one end of the couch, Taryn and Jim on the other. Katie and Manny took the loveseat. Banter and laughter went back and forth. Then Jim revealed that he had one more gift for Taryn, so he loped over to the baby-grand piano across the room and parked his butt on the bench.

Sitting in lamplight, he cracked his knuckles and stretched his fingers. He fetched a deep breath, sent a sidelong grin across the room to Taryn.

From the couch, she returned a grin of her own.

And the song began.

Feeling as though she and Jim were the only two people in the room, Taryn listened. Listened to the magic of tinkling ivory, and heard his heart play across the keys for her, reverberate in his masculine voice. And the longer she sat there, the more she realized that she could not live without Jim. That was the moment she knew, without a doubt, that the only man she would ever love sat right there. Her husband was singing for her. They would grow old together. They would have a family.

Emotion trembled in her throat, began to slip from her eyes to trickle down her cheeks … and the music of her new charmed life played on….


As she stood there in silence, filling his eyes, he felt nothing—all pain that ever was … gone … anesthetized by the ambrosia of her scent.

Art is You … and beauty weeps with joy

Art is used to express feelings, to put your, the artist’s, world into some kind of order. Peace is sought by imagination. Your craft is the ethereal blood of Self communicating with self in a recognizable language to infuse a message unto the physical plane. Heed the voice … and Self will smile on your life as you journey shoulder-to-shoulder down the lush path of living art, weaving your colorful existence together in an intricate design of beauty that enriches the world with the very essence of You. The heart sighs; the smile is serene … and beauty weeps with joy.

Just a precious tick of the clock (and a stolen quote)

Time here is simply a tick of the infinite clock. I will do my best to treat it preciously. And when my time comes to move on, I will steal this quote for my final message to all:

“I was here for a moment,
and then I was gone.
I wish you all a long, and happy life.” 

— Susie Salmon — The Lovely Bones
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Pics of the fountain for the upcoming Mabon or Harvest, or whatever you happen to call it.

Life, love, fertility, peace and plenty represented in my Vanir fountain (dedicated to Freyja and her brother Freyr of Alfheim), facing west. Those of you who know the meanings will recognize the symbolism; Iðunn’s apples for instance. Above the pic is the inguz windchime. Of course with Mabon or Harvest approaching there will be more colorful additions in the well. (click pics for larger view)

Say hello to Meely and her sister, Ceely (Some of you may know them already)

The 12″-tall sisters sit on the railing of my deck, amid a plethora of magical nature.
Gotta love Meely and Ceely of the Daughters.