MYSTERY by Cooper Thaine (Pen Name)

Forever Meaghan–book one of the Trevor McCallister series.
JakeMeaganbase imagecooperthaine

Retirement was thrust upon me by a burning bullet that had ripped through my kneecap, and started my new life as a hobbled Navy Seal in search of an outlet for my talents. Now, the new job description reflects on my hide; scars read like braille in the story of my life. And there are times this life turns my blue eyes red, observing all the dirty in this world. But it’s all good, ’cause the planet keeps spinning, my free heart beats on under my Seal tattoo … and there are those out there that need my skills. By the way, name’s Trevor, friends call me Trev. 



2 responses to “MYSTERY by Cooper Thaine (Pen Name)

  1. Damn – as soon as I get back to work, I am getting all of your books!! Being unemployed for so long has definitely cut into my “entertainment” budget . . .
    But looking forward to reading all of them – love the way you put words, thoughts, emotions together!!

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